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Diving In

June 18, 2008

From the show “Off the Grid”, Les Stroud (Survivorman) said “You have to dive head-first into your dreams”. On the show, Les and his family are transforming a barn on acerage into their eco-friendly dream home. They dove head first into their dream.

My dream is to Go. The Lord opens doors, and when I see the light, I’m diving in head first. It’s not a blind dive, because I have the Ultimate Savior guiding me. How amazing is that?

I’m diving in, I’m going deep in over my head, I want to be

Caught in the rush, lost in the flow,

in over my head, I want to go.

The river’s deep, the river’s wide,

the river’s water is alive

So sink or swim, I’m diving in!

(Steven Curtis Chapman)

I finished reading Captivating today. What a marvelous book. I cannot wait to begin Wild at Heart. I’m feeling a struggle with many things. One aspect of my life I’ve been lifting up in prayer is my family. Another facet of my life has been the struggle that is all too common to young adults: I’m having to deal with becoming my own person (shaped uniquely by the hands of God), while my parents want me to remain their little girl. There are boundaries and rules that need to be established between my parents and myself. I love my parents, yet I feel trapped and stifled in my own home. I cannot put words to it.

I desire and open relationship with them, but I feel as if they won’t open up to that idea. I’ve been asking the Lord to open up conversation with them.

Today was such a Spirit-filled day. I found myself going about my daily activities, but in a totally different fashion than before. I found myself turning to prayer throughout the day. A sense of peace simply washed over me when I had those times with Him.

On another note, hammocks are a wonderful way to enjoy the majestic beauty of the outdoors that His hands created. 🙂