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Lake post 1

August 4, 2008

I had an awesome weekend at the lake! It was full of adventure, friends, “family” and immense amounts of fun. It’s been said before, but Friday night/Saturday morning was pretty awesome 😀 I realized that I’m not meant to jump off of high rocks, my rear likes to hit the water first. That doesn’t usually result in any “good” feelings in the tail bone region, so I think I’ll stay away from super-high jumping rocks for a little while. Daniel, Angela, Jake and I took a trip to Narnia. It took an ATV and a go-kart to get there. We needed 2 ATV’s as the go-kart became stuck time after time.

It was amazing to see the stars at the lake. I always thought I had a pretty good view of the stars at home (even better when we were out in Colorado), but I was wrong. Every teeny-tiny star was out, God designs some awesome stuff. Sitting on a gently rocking boat, listening to Jack Johnson, sitting next to someone pretty awesome- it was the perfect cap to the weekend.

I cannot begin to explain how great it is for me to see functioning families. I was surrounded by married couples, and you could just see their love for one another, for their families and for God POUR out. I don’t really know if the Brewers know how much it means to me to see that type of relationship, but I hope that I’ll get to spend more time with them in the future, and perhaps one day I’ll be able to show my gratitude.

I was so excited about the events of the weekend when I came home, so I began to tell my parents all about my adventures. I told my mom and dad that if they were ever invited to go to the Lake, they should jump at that opportunity! My dad immediatley replied “I wouldn’t go if you paid me.” I asked him why, and he said “I don’t trust people. I can’t trust people anymore. I’d rather be alone.” I was shocked. I didn’t hold my tongue, I responded to him by saying that isn’t a way to live life. God put Adam on the earth, but he gave him a spouse, another human being. God did not intend man to be alone. The conversation didn’t go past that point, but after my dad left the room, I told my mom that I wasn’t going to take much life advice from him- for the sake of my own happiness. I pray that God gives my dad peace and a hope. I want him to feel wanted. i want him to feel loved. He needs the awesome, unconditional love of our holy Father. I pray that some awesome Christian men will enter into his life, to show them how life with Christ can be fulfilling. Life with Christ is the only way. The only way.

I did find this website This site just makes me excited about God’s plan for the future 🙂