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July 29, 2008

I had my first experience with the folks from the Christian Appalachian Project. I got an e-mail from Daniel about a disaster near Chillicothe, OH. There was a Microburst that wiped out around 2oo trees at a Boy Scout Camp. We drove out to Ohio, and we spent the weekend falling trees, chopping wood, chipping trees, and cleaning up branches. Neither of us had ever volunteered with CAP before, so we didn’t know what to expect.

Wow. We met some amazing people. We were only together for 4 days, but I feel like we made some lifelong friends. All of the volunteers there truly had hearts for Christ. It was awesome. It’s so cool how God puts opportunities into our lives. Originally, this weekend was going to consist of going to the lake and chilling out (which would have been fine). But then lake plans were canceled, and this opportunity arose. He truly works in wondrous ways.


Timing is Everything

July 24, 2008

Long time, no see.

Today was my last day as a YMCA camp counselor. I decided I wanted the rest of my summer to relax, train, and do something worthwhile. While I do love working with children, I didn’t care for the camp. There are definitely some kids that I will miss, but I’m looking forward to having my stress level go way down now that I’m finished.

I was originally going to the lake this weekend with friends, but then those plans were thwarted. It just so happens that more than 200 trees were downed in a storm in Chillicothe, OH

Daniel sent me an e-mail from Christian Appalachian Project asking for people to volunteer in the cleanup. So we’re heading out tomorrow to help the clean up over the weekend.

I’ve been praying for opportunities to do God’s work, and it’s just awesome how He makes that happen.

He is good.