Kenya Post 1

May 22, 2009

We are actually here! Check out our team blog for our sleep-deprived post: www.mi2kenya09.blogspot.com

We’re in Kenya! I can’t really believe it!

Last night, we got picked up from the airport by Pamela and her husband Francis, and Jacob- who all work with LIA. Today, we met with Dr. Florence, the founder of LIA. She spent some time with us in prayer about the summer, and she also passed along her story of how LIA got started.

IMG_2455Here’s the whole Mi2 internship team before we left for our flights! LtoR (back row) Dane, Erich, Ben, Daniel. LtoR (front row) Courtney, Lauren, Me

IMG_2470Here’s a sneak peak of our residence! It’s a sneak peak because it takes forever to upload pictures! Okay, well I love you all, thanks for the continual prayers and support! The blog or facebook is probably the best way to contact me, E-mail takes too long to sort through 🙂

And thanks to the best boyfriend ever, Daniel for an awesome post!


One comment

  1. Man you all are living it up in there! That’s not too shabby…

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