Packing is FINISHED!

May 16, 2009

I’m done packing! I always like to save packing till the last minute, because then if I forget anything, I really truly forgot it! I mean, I hate planning for weeks on end, only to realize that I’ve been forgetting something for weeks! I think I’ve got more than enough “stuff” to get me through the summer!

It’s been a BUSY past couple of days, and I’m more than ready for some time to dive into God’s word and team-build with the members of my Kenya team and the guys on the Poland team! White water rafting, here we come! We will show the river NO mercy!

If you’re around Louisville, PLEASE come to The Post at The Block at Southeast Christian Church on THIS Tuesday, May 19th at 7pm. We’ll have an AWESOME worship service and time of prayer for the Kenya and Poland interns!

Check out our team blog, www.mi2kenya09.blogspot.com!

Continue to pray for the safety of us all! Thanks for being such awesome readers!


Family fun eating Gelato!


More family fun! I’ll miss you guys!


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