March 31, 2009

We had our first Mi2 Conference call last week. Talk about a lot to process!

It’s beginning to hit me how much preparation for Kenya I need to do while jugging school and running! I’ve sent out letters to friends and family asking for prayer and donations. It’s kind of difficult to get all of the correct papers together when half of my information is at home!

Here’s a rough outline of my schedule:

May 8th- Head home after last Final

May 17th- Travel to Tennessee with Mi2 team for orientation

May 20th- Leave for Kenya!!!

August 7th- Return to Louisville

August 10th- Return Home

It sounds like we’ll be writing a team blog when we’re on the Field, I’ll post that link as soon as possible.

Right now, I have to really dive deep into the Word and let God prepare my heart and mind to serve him in my everyday life and in my overseas experience.

And, while I’m not looking forward to spending nearly three months away from Daniel, I also have faith that we will both grow closer to our Heavenly Father, and thus, closer to one another even in our time of separation. And it makes me appreciate the separation we’ve already had to endure through this school year, God’s perfect plan has already helped us to be ready for what is coming!

I should also make note that there is our team of 5 going to Kenya (Me, Lauren, Courtney, Dan and Ben [whom I have yet to meet]). There are also 2 guys going to Poland during the same times (Dane and Erich). Be in prayer for all of the other interns as they get ready for their trips.

Courtney, Lauren and I all attended High School together, and we’ve been close friends since middle schoool. It will be awesome to share this summer with two girls that I’ve grown up with spiritually!  What a blessing to have two great women in my life!

awkward1This is what we have to look forward to this summer…


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