June 26, 2008

Last night at the Post, a part of the message really got to me:

When you feel called, whether your heart is set on fire by a great message, worship service, or a deep prayer time with the Lord, TAKE ACTION.

If you do not act, the more likely you are to never act when God gives you that fire again.

We need to act immediately.

The analogy of the two house builders was given. Both man were told to build homes. One man chose to build upon sand because it was everywhere. The other man chose to build his home upon rock, though it was more difficult to find. The home build on sand was washed away as soon as the rains came, but the house on the rock remained. The man who built his home on the rock saw the big picture, while the man who built on the sand was living in the moment.

Sometimes we don’t take time to consider the consequences of our actions and our inactions.

Often, we’re afraid we’ll have to “give up too much” for God.

But are we in a place to decide what is “too much”? He gave his son for our sins. We are the ones indebted to him.


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